ISO 14644 – What it is.


ISO is the International Organization for Standardization, based in Geneva Switzerland1. You may have heard of ISO 9000/9001 certification, which covers general quality management systems, but there are many more ISO standards – more than 10,000 total standards available at the time of this writing (September 2013), covering everything from IT systems configuration to milk production to statistical methods.2

A bummer, to me at least, is that the standards are not free, and they are not cheap. Copies of standards in electronic (PDF) or paper form can be purchased from the ISO website ( in Swiss Francs, or from ANSI3 or IEST4 in American Dollars. The 18 page ISO 14644-1 will cost you around $100. Note that the copy is for individual use only, not to be shared. Needless to say, to get yourself a complete set of ISO standards would cost you a pretty penny. Continue reading ISO 14644 – What it is.