Commissioning and Qualification of Process Instrumentation

Pressure Transmitter

Hello good people of the world! Today’s post is on the commissioning and qualification of instruments used in process measurement and control. Instruments may be used to measure such things as flow, temperature, pressure, level, weight, conductivity, etc. In use, many of these parameters may be quality critical, so proper commissioning and qualification is key!

Things to consider at commissioning or installation qualification verification:

  1. Device is not damaged and is visibly clean
  2. Documentation (e.g. O&M manual) is available
  3. Labeling is applied and durable
  4. Device is installed according to P&ID
  5. Device is accessible for maintenance work
  6. Wiring has been performed according to the loop diagram
  7. Instrument accuracy is as expected
  8. Instrument calibrated range is as expected
  9. Process-contact material of construction (including any gaskets or seals) is as expected
  10. Process-contact surface finish is as expected

For functional and/or operational qualification testing, consider the following tests:

  1. Functional test: simulate 0 mA, 12 mA, and 24 mA signals and verify correct display
  2. Switching operation: verify switching contacts operate as expected by moving them to their position(s)
  3. Fail Safe test: verify the instrument assumes its correct fail-safe configuration, if applicable

What are you sure to check in new process instrument commissioning/qualification?

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