Free Offer! Track Punchlist Items in Real-time with Your Mobile Device

portfolio7Hello good people of the world! So every project needs to track open items and that is typically done with a punchlist. You may have seen a punchlist in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, with one person as the owner, or even worse, on pen and paper.

A punchlist is a collection of data, and any good data collection is:

  • Secure
  • Accessible
  • Robust

For a limited time, MWV, in conjunction with, is offering a free SharePoint Add-in for punchlist tracking. This add-in integrates with your existing SharePoint On-Premise or Online service, and gives a secure, centralized location for your project punchlist items. The custom interface makes it easy to create new and update/close existing punchlist items from the field in real-time.

Get all the details and download the add-in here:

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